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The Color and Light Society of Southern Maryland is a group of diverse Southern Maryland visual artists who are dedicated to artistic development and creation of original works of art.


The objective of Color and Light is to provide an ongoing opportunity for artistic growth and development both individually and in the community as well as provide a venue for showing and selling original art to the public.

Policies and Procedures
1. PURPOSE:  The purpose is to further amplify details of the process by which the Color and Light Society of Southern Maryland will be governed.
         A.  Executive Board:
Management shall be under the Board of Directors consisting of a minimum of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, each of whom will be selected by a majority vote of the members present at a meeting designated for such election.  Board members will serve for a period of two years, not to exceed two terms in any one specific position.  Seats will be filled by Full members in good standing as defined under membership.
         The Board will seek advice from the active membership, but final management and financial decisions will be the responsibility of the Board.  Emergency situations will be addressed by the president calling for special meetings of the board.
         B. Committees
Ad-Hoc and standing committees will be formed by the board as needed.  (Suggested specially selected members and committees are Membership, Brush Strokes publisher, Show Ready Committee, Hanging Committee, Publicity, and Nominating Committee)
         A.  There are two types of membership: Full  (limited to 30) and Associate (limited to 15).  All new members come in as Associates.

  1.  Associate Members pay an annual fee of $30, attend business meetings, activities, volunteer and contribute to the well-being of the organization.  They do not exhibit their artwork with Color and Light until they are full members. To become Full Members an Associate will present 5 pieces of their art to the Show Ready Committee (SRC) which will determine if the work meets the criteria for Color and Light.  Upon approval the Associate will pay an additional $40 to become a Full Member, if the limit of 30 (thirty) has not been reached.

  2.  Full Members pay the annual $70, attend business meetings, activities, volunteer and contribute to the well-being of the organization, may exhibit their artwork at shows and events in which Color and Light participates and may post art on the Color and Light Facebook page.  Full Members may become Associate Members due to personal circumstances and may return to Full status without a review by the SRC.  (No refunds)

         B.  Requirements:  To be in good standing a member must be from Southern Maryland and, whether Full or Associate, must have dues current, attend at least 2 business meetings and attend at least 2 other activities sponsored by the group. They must volunteer and contribute to the well-being of the organization.  
There are two types of Color and Light meetings:  business and educational.  Several business meetings will be held throughout the year to communicate, organize, discuss, and vote on activities, policies, and board members.  Educational activities will include, but not be limited to, demonstrations, workshops,exhibits, field trips, critiques.
Revisions in the By-laws or Policies and Procedures should be sent to all members a minimum of 15 days prior to the call for a vote at an open meeting.  Questions and concerns should be submitted to the President 7 days prior to the meeting.  All revisions will be voted on by the membership.
A calendar will be maintained noting the schedule of meetings, activities and exhibits.  This calendar will be created for a full year and updated as needed.  This calendar will be developed by the Executive Board with input from members.
The Executive Board, through the treasurer, shall disperse monies accrued by the organization, under the provisions stipulated in the By-Laws to pay bills, purchase  supplies and necessities as needed.  Expenditures of more than $50 must be approved by the Board. 


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